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Bros Hop 3rd Album

2014-09-02 13:46:53 by Apilot



Lords of Electro

2013-09-18 15:20:03 by Apilot

I know i am new to this whole electronic music thing and i know i wont do it much longer, but thank you for listening to my electric music and supporting this endeavor. apilot as always thinks you are all super dope.

i am really busy with school and making music for bobie boy for a flash game and scouting peeps in the audio portal that are dope nasty and just havent been noticed as well as some artists. i say that newgrounds has a had a great influx of talent lately and i cannot wait to see what else everyone has in store.


2013-07-20 23:06:31 by Apilot

im sorry my music is not generic enough for you. i will do my hardest to keep displeasing you.

new album

2013-06-14 12:06:55 by Apilot

https://soundcloud.com/pierrefortin/sets/beats-f or-the-sacred-quest

album by me and beegs. another album in the works called. THEDYNAMO

new album

new boy lyrics

2013-05-18 15:53:53 by Apilot

1.Have you seen what I strive for its nothing you would die for or give up a couple extra hours of your cells reproducing its amusing that the facts and the backs all turn at the same time when a dime is dropped and its all a lot and bad so sad at the same time reflected backwards inwards unto ones own consciousness needed for a time and then the rhyme is depleted on the last breath where the ancient czar has been seated 10000 years alone have been the prescription and it would take 10000 more years to beat the addiction as redundant or abundant as that may sound everything is lost once the plasma wave touches down. No need to strive for wisdom no need to strive for food because a 5millionton space rock crashing through your atmosphere has nothing to prove absolve to the groove lose taste on the move radio waves making meditation a lost art making florescent light bulb slaves a wave a future lost on the new I could never be the one yelling above the static to get through to you.

Pierre Fortin aka apilot

2.I vent upon the air waves changing the make up of atmosphere chemically as each and every idea is exhaled into the surrounding area of carbon depleted environment that all of humanity quests for a reality that is disconnected with the past and makes a future non beastial trying to retain all of humans ham impulsions vestigial. Dirty plains ape thats have learned to make the fastest way a life to take procured the power of the sun within the center of the being used upon the idle watch them all melt away into history straight up atrocity treated like a causality like an event that is just sad to see not a global eventuality so the path to the papacy lined with gold and free from disease while the path of serf that is we have to rebel against the monarchy the global force and big brother spreads every day selling their dream world like it was as white as the snow as innocent as ever known as beneficial as shown forever we will roam in the mind but not in here you see they are trying to control thee and make you into a drone to bleed all just a shame but that's the name of the game gotta go ten times harder do a trick like david blaine to secure your victory amongst the ruling faction takes some action gain some traction and lead up to game winning satisfaction
I could go blind but I could still see the world for what it was
I still got 100 more senses to detect the surrounding plains

yes yes yes

2013-02-21 21:41:40 by Apilot

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Xtp9oiZSk4 yes yes yes yes


2012-10-19 04:10:21 by Apilot

weak ass emcee's amuse me with their lack of creativity and comprehension

hate me

2012-09-10 17:16:13 by Apilot

yum yum yum yummo

hum hum

2012-07-02 18:31:09 by Apilot

if anyone wants to get on a track with goons or myself lemme know. I got the warehouse of beats made by yours truely and 3 other goons including dielon0h7


2012-03-22 09:24:38 by Apilot

slumps fake fools fake hoes fake friends all real foes